Sunday, 23 June 2013

Me, Myself & I.

So Hiya, I guess I should start with saying that I am not expecting anyone to read this. I'm just doing this to express my feelings and talk about my life, kinda of like a diary I guess!
I'll start by talking about myself. My name is Jordan, though I go by Jay. People started calling me Jay when I was around 8 or 9 and I've kind of stuck with it (my family call me Jordan though!)
I'm 14 and my birthday is the 2nd of may!
I'm from Ireland and I live in Shannon, Co. Clare. I really hate it here and I just wanna get away. The people here are way too judgmental and mean. The more popular you are, the more people like you. And sadly, i'm not very popular and not really anyone likes me. Except for the few friends I have. I should tell you about them as they will come up a lot.
My bestest friend ever is Jodie (I know bestest is not a word but who cares?). There are pictures of us when we were 2 and we were playing together but we really became friends when we were 10 and someone said something mean to me and I ran away but Jodie ran after me to see if I was okay. I can remember I hadn't really liked here that much (no idea why) so I was confused as to why she was asking if I was okay, but I let her into my house and we watched the X-factor together! The next day she called over and since then we've just been really close and to this day, 23rd of June, '13, she is still my best friend!

My other best friend, Amy, is amazing. I became friends with her in 2011 I believe. I had been talking to her cousin Sarah (also my best friend) on facebook and she told me that Amy was her cousin and she was going down to Amy's house over the weekend. Amy was in my school but we never talked and Sarah didn't live in  Shannon. I messaged Amy and we got talking and then we all hung out. Me and Amy were still not very close at this point, until one day her mom invited me for a sleepover and then I would go there after school. I got really close with her family and they are very welcoming! They would invite me for days out and I'm actually very grateful for it. I can tell Amy almost anything. She doesn't judge me and she's very trustworthy.

Colin is my other best friend, I think. I sometimes doubt that he is even my friend. I know it sounds silly yeah, but he does my head in! Though we have been friends since 2011 as well, we always have fights and we never really tell each other stuff. I still count him as a very close friend. We were a lot closer in 2011 and '12 but I guess we have both changed a lot. I still hang out with him all the time though! He is so funny and nice and stuff like that, I just don't trust him. (I don't trust a lot of people, I have very bad trust issues!)

So that's over and done with (I have other people I'm close too but I don't want to bore anyone reading, like there is anyone reading).

I will point out that I have anxiety and depression. I am dealing with them in my own ways but they might be a part of my blogs.